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Flying High for Haiti is a non-profit organization that takes its name from the Haitian children who enjoy making their own kites from plastic garbage and sticks. The goal of Flying High for Haiti is to empower communities through sustainable development by providing access to educational opportunities.

Flying High for Haiti is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Community Need

Ile-a-Vache  is a beautiful but impoverished island with no running water, electricity or paved roads. Most children in Haiti cannot afford a high school education and drop out in 6th or 7th grade to help support their families economically. There is an enormous need to find reasons for children to stay in school and prepare them for jobs in the real world. The only jobs on the island are fishing and agriculture, and most food and water must be imported by boat. But the island has potential for tourism and sustainable development, especially with the recent arrival of cellular coverage to the island, as well as solar panels.

Investing in
 education is a vital means to
 create the hospitality skills that will ensure the local population are not left out and can benefit from future job opportunities. If languages, computer skills, arts and crafts,
 and music are included in the curriculum, these children will become a 
valuable part of the development and progress of Ile-a-Vache.

Your donation will provide critical resources to help educate the students at Ecole du Village, including paying the salaries of teachers, buying educational supplies  upgrading  and building more classrooms.


As a result of our fund-raising we have been able to to help build  three new classrooms for the Canobert community school on the island, Ecole du Village, and pay teacher’s salaries. The art and photography exhibitions in Miami have helped raise awareness about the educational needs of the children in Ile-a-Vache while encouraging the children to complete their education and aspire to a better standard of living. The children are creative, cheerful and wonderfully well behaved. They love contact with the outside world and enjoy enormously interacting with foreigners.

Founder: Ines Lozano

Ines Lozano is a Spanish-American with 25 years of experience in the field of education.  As a daughter of a diplomat, she was raised in many countries and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and currently studying Creole.  She has a BA in Education from Marymount University and a Masters in applied linguistics from Nova University.  She is the principal at Metropolitan International School of Miami in the Wynwood arts district.  Ines  is also a member of the Key Biscayne Rotary Club.

Ines visited Haiti for the first time in 2009.  She decided to found Flying High for Haiti after volunteering to work with homeless children in the tent cities created following the 2010 earthquake.

angela rizzi

Angela Rizzi

Angela Rizzi is the vice-president of Flying High for Haiti since its inception in 2012.

Along with its co-founder and president Ines Lozano. Flying High for Haiti has a deep conviction that education is the key to freedom from poverty and despair.

In that vein, the organization has been instrumental in rebuilding an elementary school on the remote island of Ile A Vache, Haiti, aptly named “ L’ecole du Village, “ providing the foundation and infrastructure for the children to receive a quality education.

Angela Rizzi, a long time resident of Key Biscayne, Florida, is a real estate broker with 18 years of experience helping local and international investors with their real estate portfolios in the greater Miami area. She is fluent in four languages (English,Spanish,Italian,and Portugese) with an extensive background in art history and the insurance industry.

Angela Rizzi has been involved in a multitude of community activities assisting various causes including Voices for Children, which assists abused and neglected children to assisting in feeding the homeless on a personal and individual basis which resulted in her receiving a congressional recognition Award in Washington D.C in 2011 for her leadership within the Hispanic community. Her commitment and devotion make her a leader in the Colombian community serving as a liason between the community leaders and new comers.

Angela is a proud member of the Rotary club in Key Biscayne which is a generous sponsor of Flying High for Haiti.


General Education

  • Expansion and improvement of school facilities
  • Increase the supply of school materials
  • Create afterhours literacy education for adults
  • Create vocational youth workshops: carpentry, blacksmiths, farming


  • Arrange regular workshops of photography, painting, sculpture, music
  • “Train the trainers program” to teach arts and crafts as part of the school curriculum
  • Increase the supply of art materials in the school
  • Provide musical instruments


  • Support physical education and sports
  • Upgrade school soccer field of Ecole du Village
  • Provide soccer gear: soccer balls, uniforms, cleats


  • To promote the concept of vacation with a charitable purpose


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