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24Aug 20

Classes begin at Ecole du Village

After five months of no school due to the pandemic, Ecole du Village opened the doors on August 24th to its 134 students for the new school year! Due to the lack of electricity and limited economic resources on the island, distance learning is not an…

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14Aug 20

Breaking Ground Update

Jenel's Family is already enjoying their new home! In 2016 Hurricane Matthew severely damaged Jenel's home. With a sick father, little brothers, and sisters to take care of, and no economic means, repairing the house became a hopeful dream. This past June thanks to the…

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10Jul 20

Hope for Haiti Water Filters Donation

Hope for Haiti - a nonprofit organization that works towards improving the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children - delivered 150 Sawyer Water Filtration Systems to Ecole du Village and trained the School Administrator on how to use and maintain these water…

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